Press for Concealer’s fêted:fetid:

“Concealer is a perfect mix of melodic folk tendencies and pounding electronic punk that refuses to make room for saccharine simplicity. feted:fetid feels around the boundaries of comfort and prods the soft spots of convention in all the right ways.” (Exclaim!)

“An excellent oddball coupling. It works so incredibly well….a gorgeous, immersive sound.” (The Calgary Herald)

“A dazzling headspin of experimental punk, folk, rock, and ambient noise, woven into an extraordinary audio and visual spectacle.” (

“Mark Davis is one of our most under-rated artists. Concealer’s sound inhabits a different universe than Davis’ solo work…. Disturbing, yet artful and compelling.” (newcanadianmusic)

“Like Townes Van Zandt being produced by the Jesus and Mary Chain. What we hear here is an entirely natural synthesis, one that finally takes Davis out of the alt-country ghetto where he’s been pigeonholed.” (radiofreecanuckistan)

“A dynamic and resonating addition to Edmonton’s eclectic music scene, Concealer takes the listener on a journey of a balance of harsh, to calm, only to revert back, an element of surprise that further engages the listener and creates a long lasting, memorable listening experience.” (The Gateway)

“A compelling band to watch and listen to.” (Vue)

“Punk, electronica and folk converge into something unique…. Eclectic sounds that defy the boundaries of musical genres.” (Boyle McCauley News)

“Threatening and hypnotic.” (Exclaim!)

“Rich and reassuring vocals swept up in a throbbing tempest of sparse keyboards.” (The Edmonton Journal)

“It’s clever… noisy background sounds juxtaposed with melodic and calm vocals. There is something undoubtedly Canadian in the folk-esque edge to the vocals that carry on, steadily, no matter what else is happening.” (

“A darker, debauchery-filled take on Depeche Mode’s 1981 debut album Speak and Spell.” (Invisible Ink)

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